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Beneath the skin, at the depth of four to six millimetres, it is tucked into small capsules. It occupied the fat cell in the connective tissue with free intercellular fluid and added metabolic toxins. Jelly-like and shapeless, it wobbles, not allowing the skin to breathe at full capacity; it causes the skin to open its pores wide, to fight for oxygen and food, and to extremely resemble an orange peel. For years, experts in various fields of medicine have been searching for the answer to the question – why? Through bad habits, unbalanced diet, insufficient physical activity, stress, we have learned that the main cause of cellulite is the female sex hormone estrogen! If hormonal status is in imbalance, it is estrogen that binds water to tissues and causes a series of changes. Considering that its lower concentration is present in blood immediately after the period, this ten-day time range is the ideal moment to attack it – i.e., starting from the first day after the period…

Before embarking on an anti-cellulite massage, which is one link in the chain of anti-cellulite program, one should work on habits – it is necessary to establish a proper hygiene-dietary regime, to stimulate the organs responsible for detoxification (intestines, urinary tract, lungs, skin), to learn how to relax with the help of the selected anti-stress program, to become physically active… Only after all these things should one begin with anti-cellulite massage – a massage that stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow, nourishes the skin and has a beneficial effect on muscle tone, it does not hurt and leaves no blue marks. The process begins with the treatment of the abdomen to open the large blood vessels and lymphatic pathways to gently accept the intensified circulation of blood and lymph from the legs.