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WHAT IS DERMAPEN? Dermapen — the device that derives its name from the word ‘pen’, which it resembles in appearance; at the top of the device, there is a needle applicator that can achieve skin penetration from 0.2 to 2.5 mm, depending on the part of the face or body being treated.

HOW DOES IT WORK? By creating controlled micro-cracks in the skin, it stimulates the skin to respond naturally to the regeneration and create, in a natural way, new elastic and collagen fibres. Depending on the length of the needle, dermapen can achieve many results. From surface hydration, improved absorption of cosmetic products, to therapy for and healing of more serious problems such as acne scars, skin damage and deep wrinkles.

DERMAPEN IS USED FOR THE FOLLOWING PURPOSES: skin texture and tone enhancement, treatment of surface wrinkles, deep wrinkles, absorption of cosmetic products, treatment of acne scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, alopecia, breast texture enhancement, shrinking of pores, acne removal, cellulite treatment.

HOW IS THE TREATMENT PERFORMED AND HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Dermapen treatment is performed on perfectly clean skin, with already performed chemical skin clensing, two weeks before, as well as exfoliation (peeling). The cocktails that are inserted are different and depend on what we want to achieve during the treatment. Prior to the treatment with dermapen, the appropriate anaesthetic is applied. Part by part of the skin area is worked on to make the treatment more enjoyable. During the treatment, a cocktail is inserted gradually in order to make the penetration more complete and effective. The depth of needles depends on the area being treated. Surfaces such as the eye region, forehead and neck are treated with shorter needles, while the cheeks and body parts are treated with longer needles. The aim is to reach the subcutaneous tissue, because this is where every skin problem originates from, and other treatments do not have the power to enter the dermis, so the problem is solved superficially and for a short time, which is not the case with dermapens.

WHAT RESULTS CAN BE EXPECTED AND HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE NEEDED? Dermapen produces long-lasting results. Depending on the treatment goal, the effects are visible after two weeks or after 2-4 months. For more superficial treatments such as hydration, removal of spots, absorption of cosmetic products, the results are visible after the treatment or after 7 days. When treating deep wrinkle scars and other types of skin damage, the effects are immediately visible, but a real and lasting effect is possible only after 2 months, when new collagen is created. The treatment is repeated after a month, and 3-5 repetitions should be performed for highly visible results. Maintenance is once every 3 to 6 months. The treatment lasts about 60 minutes, as it consists not only of needling, but also the application of serums and masks that will calm the skin after the treatment.FOLLOW-UP CARE AFTER THE TREATMENT? After the treatment, the skin is visibly red and inflamed. Regardless of the fact that it seems calm after the treatment, because the mask has done its job, it is very important to know that after dermapen, one should avoid sun exposures for 3-4 days, physical activities such as going to the gym, any exfoliations, application of strong products. The only thing you can put on your skin is the cream recommended by a professional who has performed the treatment for you. If you want long-lasting effects that visibly rejuvenate and effectively solve skin problems, then dermapen is the right treatment for you.