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Hollywood pure oxygen treatment – Oxygen therapy is the application of pure oxygen in the treatment of face, neck and décolletage. This treatment increases the oxygen levels in the cells and tissue. The treatment involves the application of exfoliation, which aims to remove dead cells and prepare skin for a further course of treatment. The enjoyment is continued through a massage with a specially designed product containing a complex of ingredients that allow long-term supply of all skin cells with oxygen. In the treatment itself, oxygen is applied by means of three nozzles and an oxygen mask. One nozzle is with clean oxygen in the form of a dry bath; the second one is in the form of a wet bath, and the third one is with anti-age serum cocktails mixed with pure oxygen and applied under pressure to the skin. The treatment ends with an exclusive algae mask, the effect of which is increased by the application of an oxygen mask. A fine massage of the superficial layers of the skin is performed by directing oxygen under pressure, which leads to improved blood flow and better tissue oxygenation. Hollywood treatment with the Dermo oxy machine is extremely popular because it quickly repairs skin structure and is non-invasive. For an instant skin glow and beauty, oxygen treatment is the number one solution, especially before going to some special events. The following is achieved by applying this treatment, as well as extended home care: skin regeneration, stimulation of collagen synthesis, and skin becomes firmer, more beautiful and younger; the depth of wrinkles decreases. It is ideal in combination with a chemical peel.

Who is Hollywood treatment for?

Hollywood treatment is suitable for all skin types and is especially recommended for senile skin atrophy, skin hyperpigmentation, photo-aged skin, skin affected by poor circulation, rosacea, skin damaged by smoking. This treatment nourishes skin cells, stimulates their metabolism, synthesis of collagen fibres, improves circulation, and hydrates the skin. It can be performed independently or as a part of biological treatments, individually or in a series of treatments. Oxygen therapy is not only a modern therapy for the elimination of wrinkles, but it is an important therapeutic agent in the treatment of acneous skin. It can be used in the process of skin recovery after dermabrasion and chemical peels, to help skin recover as soon as possible and to help clients return to their normal everyday activities as soon as possible.