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Lymphatic drainage is a preventative method that stimulates the smooth flow of lymph to the venous circulation, from which it is suppressed towards the heart, which detoxifies the body and returns the volume of swollen extremities to normal. If used preventively, it has a remarkable effect on the release of the toxins accumulated in the body, sensation of weight and metabolic swelling, cleansing the intracellular free fluid and creating the feeling of a “clean-light” body; if used curatively – for the purpose of healing, it aims at the absorption of swelling from the extremities, especially after trauma, surgery, lymphedema. It is also used after severe tumour surgery as a suitable therapy of choice, but only with the advice from a physician. In these situations, the therapists also apply bandaging, compression, as well as kinesi-therapeutic limb exercises (mandatory!) It is a method that can be very dangerous and lead to absolute counter effects if not applied properly.

For cosmetic purposes, lymphatic drainage is an integral part of anti-cellulite treatment. The lymphatic system is an additional pathway through which intercellular fluid goes to the bloodstream. It is rich in protein, large particles and bacteria. It has the task of creating and transporting lymph, creating lymphocytes and protecting against infections. The lymphatic vessels look like strings of beads cut in some places by lymph nodes. Lymph nodes filter the lymph and hold bacteria, damaged cells, dust grains… Lymph nodes create lymphocytes and monocytes that play a defensive role in the body. Larger groups of lymph nodes are located in the groin, the knee pit, the armpit, the elbow crease, the neck, the abdominal cavity…