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Although they are most stressed part of the body, feet are often neglected. They carry all the burden of our bodies, they support us, and under the influence of various external factors, changes in the feet are created which interfere with our daily activities. Due to the constant pressure, the skin on the feet is not able to exfoliate nicely as in other parts of the body, and the superficial layer of skin, which consists of dead cells, accumulates and produces a thickening on the skin. Depending on the condition of the feet, the needs and wishes of the clients, the Skin Expert Centre offers aesthetic, medical and spa pedicure treatment. Whatever pedicure treatment you choose, your feet will be nurtured and you will feel more rested.


Aesthetic pedicure includes the removal of thickened skin of the feet, the treatment of nails and cuticles, and nail polish as desired. The result of aesthetic pedicure is the skin and toenails that are nurtured and revitalized; the aim of this treatment is also the prevention of problems.


Various changes on the feet such as calluses, corns and ingrown nails require special care and treatment. Proper approach and removal of the changes that have occurred is extremely important. In most cases, they are painful, disrupting daily life, and due to inadequate treatment, can lead to more severe deformities. Medical pedicure involves foot care, and proper treatment and removal of changes that occur.


In addition to aesthetic foot care, the Spa Pedicure is a relaxing treatment that includes the use of special products and provides the client with a maximum relaxation through a foot massage. The pleasant atmosphere at our Skin Expert Centre and the pleasant treatment will bring your whole body into balance.

This is where happiness lives! The satisfaction of our clients is above everything. We want to make our visitors feel at home.

Aging is inevitable, but there is no need for us to look older than we feel. We believe that the most effective way to reverse the signs of aging is to attack their root causes. Our knowledge and advanced technology are focused on treatments that improve skin health and appearance.

“A Healthy Spirit in a Healthy Body”

The variety of our massage techniques and treatments is the best way for pain relief and relaxation.

Beauty is not transient!

In the luxurious interior of Belgrade downtown, the Skin Expert Laser & Aesthetic Centre offers a wide range of cosmetic services based on the use of state-of-the-art non-invasive methods, cosmetic devices and renowned cosmetic products. Our team is made up of professionals who share a commitment to enhancing beauty and overall well-being. Customer safety comes first for us. The advancement of technology has led to a greater efficiency with less invasive techniques in cosmetic treatments, making them completely safe.