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The synthesis of collagen and elastin decreases over the years, the skin begins to relax and the first wrinkles appear. Also, large variations in body weight adversely affect the skin of the whole body, including the face. One of the most effective non-surgical face lifting treatments is radio wave lifting. It represents the application of high-frequency current to stimulate the synthesis of new collagen and elastin, thereby achieving the lifting effect seen immediately after the first treatment. The energy of radio-waves is distributed evenly along the treated area, causing it to become warm. The aim of the treatment is to achieve and maintain an appropriate temperature in the treated area. It is important to emphasize that the treatment has a cumulative effect, so the full effect can only be seen after a series of treatments. The face, neck, chin, neckline, as well as the eye area can be treated. The treatment is performed for 5-7 days, and optimal results are achieved with a series of 4-8 repetitions. The only obstacle to performing a radio wave lifting is the presence of metals in the high frequency current area. Radio-wave lifting is ideal for those who want to lift and tighten the face and neck skin in the most comfortable way possible. Indications: the lack of collagen balance, decreased elasticity of skin and firmness, decrease in tone, wrinkles, signs of skin photo-aging, scars, cellulite and stretch marks, relaxed forearms, thighs, abdomen and waist, relaxed and flat buttocks and excess fat in the waist area. Contraindications: autoimmune diseases, carcinogenic conditions, arrhythmias, diabetes, epilepsy, inflammatory skin conditions (e.g. herpes), skin injuries, pacemaker, metal implants in the body, osteoporosis, phlebitis (vein disease), pregnancy, psychiatric disorders, skin hypersensitivity, condition after X-ray, thyroid disorder and pulmonary tuberculosis.