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Sports massage is a system of methodical hand movements, i.e. the grips that the therapist applies to the patient. Massage can be therapeutic, sports, relaxing, aromatic anti-cellulite, etc. It has a direct mechanical effect on the body tissue. It is applied before, during or after intense training or competition. The aim of sports massage is to eliminate more quickly and more efficiently all the harmful and undesirable consequences resulting from the increased psychophysical efforts of athletes.

The physiological effect of sports massage is similar to the physiological effect of ordinary massage. Classical techniques are also used here, but they are specifically tailored to the type of sport, athletes and goals to be achieved. The organization of the massage, as well as the conditions for its implementation, is significantly different from the therapeutic massage. Sports massage warms and softens tissues, aligns muscle fibres, improves circulation, speeds up elimination of waste matter and lactic acid from the body.